Way Back

Formation Of The Club

Pathfinders Club of India is a socio-cultural club which was founded on the eve of India’s 50th year of Indian Freedom i.e.  on 14.08.1997 by the then students of the National Museum Institute, National Museum, New Delhi.

At the time of our Course-duration in the institute, many of the students were felt and interested to form one organization with the main aim of Child Welfare activities, which will also serve as a link between the like minded students from the institute who are interested in the social welfare activities but unable to do anything in this field as a individual.  The result is a common platform ‘Pathfinder’s Club of India’. Although the society was formed  on 14.08.1997, the club was duly  registered with societies registration act in 1999 only.

Soon  after the inception of our club, the Club  organized one cultural   programme  along with NDMC in the premises of Sandhya  Old Age home Naoroji Nagar on the occasion of birth anniversary of 23.01.21998.  The function was attended by  our founding Patron  Dr. (Late) G.N. Pant, Ex-Director, National Museum Institute, National Museum  in which the late Chairman of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation late  Shri Imtiaz Ali was also  present as  a Chief guest.

From the day of inception of our Club, we have been doing our best to fulfill the purpose of it i.e., we have been catering to the career counseling and cultural needs of the children of ‘S.O.S Villages of children’. Faridabad and also teaching to the slum children of the Indira Camp, N.D.S.E.-II in their slum premises.

From then onwards, we have been engaged in following activities :

  • Awareness of Heritage.
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Children’s Painting competition on social and cultural issues.
  • Visiting old age homes and  Orphan homes during festival seasons.
  • Organizing Cultural programmes.