Our Vision

As every citizen of our country has a fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India,  each and every citizen of this country  also have a basic responsibility of giving their contribution towards our country to make their country a leading Nation  on the world map.  Keeping this in mind, our club which was formed in 1997 that is in 20th Century brought out a Greeting card  to welcome the year 2000, which was a millennium year and enters into  21st Century.  Every one appreciated the concept of the Greeting card which depicts India as a Super power of 21st Century. Millennium Greeting attachment.


Our Mission

Empowering people to avail themselves of their rights and to persuade them to participate in the development process is the mission of PCI. This will be achieved through justice education, human resources development, networking with other groups, safe health and environment. Improving living conditions of peopled through strengthening their family, community and such other democratic moves.