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Over the years, culture has been slowly sidelined by the materialistic pursuit of the commercial  forces.  It is seen more as a fashion pursued by the elite class.  In a country with a known history of more than five thousand years & its culture claiming inheritance…
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See how you can make a difference in families’ lives with just $6 a month.
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Become Volunteer

Creating respect for the best of our Art & Culture in the minds of young generation.
Our Work

Our Work

Educating kids to increase their imagination, creativity & thoughts onto the paper and excel to personal development.
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Pathfinders Club of India is a registered association which has been having its presence for the  last 21 years in the socio-cultural arena of Delhi. This club was established on 14th of August,  1997 by the then students of the National Museum Institute, National Museum, New Delhi.

It has been decided by our club  to institute and  present  a  commemorative award namely  ‘Pathfinder of India’ award’ to the distinguished Individuals and Organizations  in various fields whose effort has been resulted in  holding India  and its culture in a high esteem.

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Our Complimentary Strategy

Raising Funds
To accomplish the goals of the Club and defray the Club’s expenses
Talents Surfacing
Promote literary and artistic passion of an Individual
Child Welfare
Sponsoring children for Basic education Free study material
Career Development
Felicitation to distinguished persons and to organize for their speech/counseling...
National Amity
Human feelings towards each other Human Rights
General Awareness
We focus of developing Cultural , Social, Political, Psychological & Health Awareness...

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