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About Us

Over the years, culture has been slowly sidelined by the materialistic pursuit of the commercial forces. It is seen more as a fashion pursued by the elite class. In a country with a known history of more than five thousand years and its culture claiming inheritance of many more thousands of years, Indian culture deserves a better place. The ancient most surviving civilization of the world is facing a great upheaval with many cultures of the world having an interplay with each other.

In such an atmosphere, the ex-students of the various certificate courses of the National Museum Institute, National Museum felt the need of forming one socio-cultural club with the main aim of Child Welfare activities which will also serve as a link among the artistic minds in the capital.  Pathfinders club of India has emerged out of this urge of the young students with the twin objectives of  :

  1. Creating respect for the best of our Art & Culture in the minds of our young generation and;
  2. Organizing various Social  and cultural  programmes,  Child Welfare activities, Seminars, Conventions  and exhibitions etc.

From the day of inception of our Club, we have been doing our best to full-fill the purpose of forming it which is manifested in club’s various activities spread over the S.O.S Villages of children, Faridabad and the slum-camp of South Extension Part-I, New Delhi. The main thrust of tour club is on developing a participatory approach where each individual feels himself to be a constituent of this cultural milieu of our great nation.

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