Kangana Ranaut asks which war was fought in 1947…?

Kangana Ranaut asks which war was fought in 1947…?

“Kangana Ranaut asks which war was fought in 1947 …?”

Yes, there was no traditional war fought in 1947 because there was no one specific country that demanded freedom from Britishers. This Country India was then a territory that had more than 450 provinces with 450 heads/Kings.

In fact, 1857 which many including Kangana Ranaut call as 1st war of Independence had a limited reach within the UP belt. It had no contribution from other provinces. Prior to 1857, in 1806 also, there was a war against the British Raj in Vellore Tamil Nadu and it can be claimed that it was indeed the first war of Independence.

So whether it was 1806 or 1857 is not an issue. The thing is that these mutinies took gradual time and period and several leaders to integrate thoughts of all the 450 provinces to gradually fight against the British.

Some took the moderate way under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and some find inclination towards extremist leaders like Subash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh ..but the target was to get liberation from the British and the same culminated in 1947.

So, in 1947 there was indeed a year of the culmination of war which started from the 1906 Vellore mutiny and passed through 1857 mutiny and several other mutinies.

Comparing the freedom struggle and fighters with beggars is an absurd act and sin by Kangana Ranaut.

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